Reading Lists

Introducing Socialism

Socialism is the idea that society can be run for the needs of the many rather than for the profit of a few. These books explain the basics of that idea whilst countering the myths that attempt to discredit those ideas.

Introducing Marxism

For any person looking to change the world in a socialist direction the ideas of Marxism are a vital, even indispensable, tool and weapon to assist the working class in its struggle to change society. The books listed include classic works of Marxism alongside those that introduce them and explain their continuing relevance

International Women's Day

For more than a century, 8 March has been the day to commemorate and celebrate the fight of working class and revolutionary women for a better deal and a socialist society. The listed books discuss the origins of women's oppression and the struggle against it

30 Years Since the Miners' Strike

The great 1984-85 miners' strike was one of the strike was one of the most momentous events ever in the British labour movement history. The listed books are about the strike and the period that this strike took place within.

100 Years Since World War I

2014 marks a hundred years since World War I, which saw 37 million soldiers and civilians lose their lives. The listed books give a Marxist perspective on the war and its aftermath.

Militant, the Socialist Party & the CWI

The Militant Tendency (now the Socialist Party) has been in the news once again - these books & pamphlets discuss Militant & the Socialist Party's history, along with the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI)

Socialism & the environment

These books & magazine contain a socialist analysis of the environmental crisis and/or an explanation of how climate change can only be fought by opposing capitalism

100 Years Since the Russian Revolution

2017 marks 100 years since the Russian Revolution, the first time workers through the elected Soviets (workers councils) took power