100 Years Since the Russian Revolution

100 Years Since the Russian Revolution

2017 marks 100 years since the Russian Revolution, the first time workers through the elected Soviets (workers councils) took power. The books and pamphlets selected below cover how the Bolshevik party were able to lead the struggle to overthrow capitalism in Russia, as well as how the revolution became isolated and the conditions that allowed for the degeneration of the revolution under the Stalinist bureaucracy.

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In Defence of October, a speech by Leon Trotsky in 1932

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Lenin's April Theses was written when he arrived back in Russia in April 1917. The main ideas outlined by Lenin apply just as much to Tunisia and Egypt today as they did to Russia.

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In Lessons of October, Leon Trotsky sought to draw out why the Russian revolution had succeeded, while other revolutionary moments had been missed.

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Trotsky in 1917 is a collection of new translations, many translated for the first time, of Leon Trotsky’s writings from 1917, the year of the Russian revolution.

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