100 Years Since World War I

100 Years Since World War I


100 Years Since World War I reading list

On 4th August 1914, Britain declared war on Germany and its participation in that bloody slaughter began. Over 37 million soldiers and civilians would die before the war ended amidst revolutionary upheavals in 1918.

Marxists were opposed to the war, as had their international organisation at the time, the Socialist International, yet in country after country the parliamentary leadership of their parties capitulated to the chauvanist mood and voted for war loans and credits.

Genuine Marxists such as Lenin, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg and others were reduced to a handful, said to fit in two coaches on their way to the Zimmerwald anti-war conference. Yet within 3 years their ideas would triumph in the Russian Revolution and win increasing support across the war ravaged continent.

The listed books show the attitudes of genuine Marxists to that war.

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The Russian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky's writings on World War I, contain invaluable lessons for socialists and are also essential reading for those studying the history of the period.

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July/August Issue

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Rosa Luxemburg's searing criticism of the capitulation of the leadership of the German Social-Democrats to the German ruling class during the First World War.

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Includes proceedings from international conferences and debates amoungst Socialist leaders.

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The first and best eyewitness account of the 1917 Russian Revolution, a detailed, gripping read - Peter Millar in The Times. John Reed conveys the impression of a whole natioin in ferment.

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