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Clare Doyle's account of the biggest general strike in history in France 1968 which forced De Gaulle govenrment to flee.

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The most decisive descriptive analysis available of the spanish revolution 1931-37. Reveals the treacherous role of Stalinism and the weaknesses of anarchism

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A collection of some of Leon Trotsky speeches. Part of the Penguin Books Great Ideas series.

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Two speeches by Trotsky on the world situation and especially the relations between the imperialist powers in Europe and America


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Books for Burning consists of five pamphlets which attempt to identify and draw lessons from new conditions of class struggle that emerged in the course of the 1970s.


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In 1912, on the eve of World War I, war broke out throughout the Balkans, shaking all of Europe.


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Misha Glenny explores the often-catastrophic relationship between the Balkans and the rest of Europe, raising some disturbing questions about Western intervention.


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Semi-autobiography of Communist in revolutionary Germany from 1918, under the Gestapo in 1933, and as a revolutionary organiser across the globe. Re-publication of haunting million-seller.

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A collection of the writings of Victor Serge, as he observed and analysed the revolutionary events in Germany in 1923

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Ted Grant demolishes the fairy tale that German imperialism alone was responsible for the world wars and asks now the then divided country can be unified.
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This book is Tobias Jones account of a three-year voyage across the Italian peninsula.

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From 1943 onwards Italy witnessed the most profoung transformation - economic, social and demographic - in its entire history.


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Analyzes the revolution in Spain and the Spanish civil war, and explains how the Stalinists' course ensured a fascist victory.

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George Orwell vividly chronicals his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, from the revolutionary euphoria of Barcelona to the cynical betrayal of Stalinism

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These articles on revolution and counterrevolution were written while the events were still in progress.

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The coup d'etat of 1851, analysed by Marx using the method of historical materialism.

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This book is the first dedicated to Martinet‘s life and work and contains many poems translated into English for the first time along with their French originals.

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An understanding of the French Revolution remains crucial for all revolutionaries. Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky studied it intensely to gain an understanding of the dynamics of revolutions.

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Lissagray's classic account of the Paris Commune of 1871

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Marx's classic analysis of the Paris Commune of 1871

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A mass revolutionary upsurge engulfed France in the mid-1930s in response to the worsening social conditions bred by the world capitalist depression.


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Opposing the Communist Party's Popular Frontism in France, 1934-36.


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Peter Fryer's classic account of the armed confrontation between the Hungarian people and the Stalinist regime in 1956.


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This issue of Revolutionary History presents for the first time in the English language material on revolutionary Marxism in Poland from the 1920s onwards





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This book explains the birth pangs of Nazism grew out of the death agony of the Kaiser's Germany. Defeat in World War I and a narrow escape from Communist revolution brought not peace but five chaotic years (1918-1923) of civil war, assassination, plots, putsches and murderous mayhem to Germany.





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In 1937 a group of idealistic British volunteers sailed from England to fight the dark threat of dictatorship in Spain. In the olive groves of Jarama, near Madrid, they achieved the first victory against Franco’s army.





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This issue of Revolutionary History has been produced to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the defeat of the German working class at the hands of Hitler, whose victory was a catastrophe for the working class movement, not merely in Germany, but throughout Europe and beyond.

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This issue of Revolutionary History contains a wide range of material relating to the revolutionary upheavals in Germany during 1918-23.





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This book presents a left which, in the midst of civil war and revolution, chose to oppose both fascism and the popular front. The revolution in Spain was overturned by Stalinists and their allies.





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Paul Ginsborg's book combines historical narrative–Berlusconi's childhood in the dynamic and paternalist Milanese bourgeoisie, his strict religious schooling, a working life which has encompassed crooning, large construction projects and the creation of a commercial television empire–with careful analysis of Berlusconi's political development.





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