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Semi-autobiography of Communist in revolutionary Germany from 1918, under the Gestapo in 1933, and as a revolutionary organiser across the globe. Re-publication of haunting million-seller.

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An understanding of the French Revolution remains crucial for all revolutionaries. Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky studied it intensely to gain an understanding of the dynamics of revolutions.

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This small pamphlet vividly relates the drama of a five-day, unofficial strike in the Italian city of Genoa in November 2013

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This is the first real account of Militant, its ideas, organisation and the role of figures associated with it. Five previous books have been written about Militant. But this is the only one which gives an authentic account of how Militant played such a prominent role in Liverpool in the 1980's and the successful battle to defeat the Poll Tax.

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May-June 1968. Brutal police repression of student demonstrations. Within days, 10 million French workers were on strike. Factories were occupied, red flags flown and the Internationale heard in the streets of Paris.

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