30 Years Since the Miners' Strike


30 Years Since the Miners' Strike reading list

Thirty years ago, on 1 March 1984 the closure of Cortonwood pit was announced, with five years' production still to go. In response 55,000 Yorkshire were called out on strike under Rule 41 from a ballot result in 1981. On 5 March Yorkshire NUM called a total stoppage from 12 March. This was the start of the great 1984-85 miners' strike

The strike was one of the most momentous events ever in the British labour movement history and had a huge impact on virtually every subsequent industrial and political development. A miners' victory would have given a huge boost in confidence to the trade union movement and all workers.

In 1984-85, working class people in this country saw a window onto the future, a future that lies in our own hands, not the bosses or the capitalist class. We must remember and learn from the miners' strike to ensure that future workers' struggles on the scale of the miners' strike achieve a victory that brings forward the establishment of a socialist society.

The listed books are about the strike and the period that this momentous strike took place within.

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This book shows the miners were right to take the action they did. They could have won a victory which would have raised the sights and confidence of the whole working-class movement.

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This is the first real account of Militant, its ideas, organisation and the role of figures associated with it. Five previous books have been written about Militant. But this is the only one which gives an authentic account of how Militant played such a prominent role in Liverpool in the 1980's and the successful battle to defeat the Poll Tax.

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Land of Whose Fathers? takes the reader from the very start of the industrial revolution in Wales right up to the turn of the 21st century

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