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Trotsky points to the necessity for art to exist free from political and social agendas, as well as from the shackles, the stereotypes, the dark ignorance of reactionary class rule.

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This anthology contains Voronsky's major literary critical essays. It includes writings on Tolstoy, Freud, Gorky, Pilnia, Frunze, Plekhanov, Esenin.

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Designed to give a sense of the historical formation of a Marxist literary tradition.

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An introduction to the works of Raymond Williams. Fourteen texts, covering a range of subjects, in one book.


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Articles on Greek literature, the language, economy, women and contemporary history

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Articles on social and cultural issues in the struggle to create the foundations of a new society. Leon Trotsky was a central leader of the October 1917 revolution in Russia.

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This book is the first dedicated to Martinet‘s life and work and contains many poems translated into English for the first time along with their French originals.

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What inspired Charles Dickens?  Michael Rosen helps answer this question and further explores the world of Charles Dickens and his best known novel

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Dave Harker describes Tressell‘s life, puts his book in its historical context, and traces its success over the past ninety-odd years.

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Andre Breton was the founder and major theorist of the surrealist movement, one of the most influential currents of twentieth-century art and criticism.


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This is a book about the music of John Coltrane.

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A collection of angry, witty and heartfelt poems railing against poverty and inequality.


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Percy Shelley was a devoted and courageous advocate of Irish freedom. His poetry and prose had a seminal influence on Shaw, Joyce and O'Casey





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Black Music, White Business probes the principal contradiction in the jazz world: that between black artistry on the one hand and white ownership of the means of jazz distribution





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Singing from the Floor is the story of this remarkable movement, faithfully captured in the voices of those who formed it by JP Bean
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Revolutionary Rhymes is a brief history of class struggle and music in South Wales

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Leon Trotsky penned this engaging book to elucidate the complex way in which art informs— and can alter—our understanding of the world. 

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