The Case for Socialism - Why You Should Join

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The current relative calm on the surface of British society cannot last. In country after country we have seen mass revolts against austerity - from Greece, Spain and Portugal to Turkey and Brazil. Even in previously quiet Sweden riots have shaken the inner cities. The question in Britain is not whether the seeming calm will be broken, but whether it will be broken in an organised powerful movement - capable of defeating the government - or if it will be broken by riots or other desperate and incoherent outbursts of anger.

The Socialist Party is doing all that is within our power to try and ensure that the coming struggle in Britain is united, powerful, based on the working class and capable of defeating austerity. We play a leading role in many campaigns, from the struggle for a general strike, to the campaign against the bedroom tax, to the battle to save the NHS. We are also working to popularise the socialist alternative to austerity. The last five years have demonstrated beyond doubt to millions that capitalism means crisis and misery. This short pamphlet outlines what the Socialist Party stands for, and how we think it can be achieved. If you agree - join us!


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Binding Pamphlet
No. of Pages 32
Publisher Socialist Party
Date of Publication 2013

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