Marxism in Today's World: Answers on War, Capitalism and the Environment

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This book is the result of a discussion between Peter Taaffe, General Secretary of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, and a member of the International Secretariat of the Committee for a Workers' International, and an Italian Marxist, Yurii Colombo.

It tackles head on vital contemporary issues: war, including the Lebanese conflict, the future of Israel/Palestine, the environment, China and its future, economic prospects for world capitalism and many more controversial issues. This provides a vital Marxist analysis for all those who wish to understand how Marxism can affect the worldwide ideological struggle between capitalism and socialism and lay the basis for a new world of human solidarity.

2nd edition with a new 8-page introduction dealing with new developments since Marxism in Today's World was first published in 2006.

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Read the review of the 1st edition of this book in the Socialist no.464

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Author Taaffe, Peter
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 128
Publisher CWI Publications
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9781870958325

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