Planning for the Planet (E-Book)

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Emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change have escalated to critical levels. They threaten catastrophe, even endangering life on the planet in the long term. Pete Dickenson indicts the representatives of the capitalist market system. He argues that their failure to address the danger is linked to deepening antagonisms between the major industrial powers. The book explains how and why capitalism has failed to tackle global warming and other threats to the environment, including nuclear contamination. The alternative of a democratically managed socialist planned economy is proposed. This could create the conditions where environmental problems are solved. How such an alternative social system would work is critically examined.

Radical Greens will find the book of huge interest, as will Labour Movement activists, socialists and young people concerned with environmental questions. The book will also be very useful for environmental studies students. particularly those interested in political economy.

See review in the Socialist 749


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