1926 General Strike: Workers Taste Power (E-Book)

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May 2006 marked the eighteeth anniversary of the 1926 General Strike in Britain - the most important and earth-shattering moment in the history of the British working class. To commemorate it and, more importantly, to draw out the lessons from this movement, Peter Taaffe has written this book outlining the course of the nine days that shook British capitalism to its foundations.

It is more than a narrative and chronology of the events themselves, although this will be important for those newer to the movement. Following the public-sector workers' strike during March 2006, the biggest strike of the British working class since 1926, it discusses the use of the demand for a general strike. But it particularly deals with the revolutionary possibilities of the General Strike and the question of whether the fledgling Communist Party of Great Britain had the right strategy, programme and tactics to take full advantageof the strike and the period.

See interview with the author '1926 General Strike: 9 Days That Shook Britain' in the Socialist 438


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