France 1968 - Month of Revolution

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May-June 1968. Brutal police repression of student demonstrations. Within days, 10 million French workers were on strike. Factories were occupied, red flags flown and the Internationale heard in the streets of Paris. Even the armed forces were infected by the revolutionary mood. The future of French capitalism hung in the balance. Worker and student action committees constantly discussed what should happen next, yet within weeks the strikes were over and 'order' was restored.

Clare Doyle's, Month of Revolution (first published in May 1988), looks at what caused this mighty explosion of workers' and students' anger and why it did not succeed in overturning capitalism. She argues that the French working class had power in its hands. With a far-sighted, revolutionary leadership, capitalism could have been abolished, and a truly representative socialist government brought to power. World history could have taken a very different course.

In a new introduction, the author also looks at the post-68 class struggles in France and internationally. As anger against capitalism and imperialism grows today, and as a new generation of workers and young people search for an alternative, the events described in Month of Revolution serve as a timely inspiration - a reminder of how a socialist revolution can unfold, in the heart of Europe or in any other country of the globe.

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