DSM and the Struggle for a Working Peoples' Political Alternative

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DSM and the Struggle for a Working Peoples' Political Alternative is a compilation of the written ideas and perspectives of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) for the liberation of the working and poor masses of Nigeria, Africa and internationally, from capitalist and imperialist exploitation.

These are not just dry treatises but political, agitational and programmatic statements and articles published in the organs of our political tendency - first known as Labour Militant, then Militant from 1995 and Socialist Democracy from 1998.

As mobilization and mass education documents, they were used to intervene at barricades and protests as well as during strikes and meetings of workers and youth activists at different stages in the development of the oppressed and exploited peoples of Nigeria. These struggles were waged at one point - and indeed for a prolonged period - against military despotism and then since 1999, against the anti-poor capitalist civilian ruling elite who took over power from their military counterparts.

The compilation covers the 27-year period of our Marxist tendency, its role and interventions in the struggle of Nigeria's working masses. It was a period hall-marked by the offering of appropriate perspectives, slogans and programmes in the course of the struggle aimed at ending capitalism and enthrone socialism in Nigeria.


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Editor Sango, Segun
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 434
Publisher Democratic Socialist Movement
Date of Publication 2013

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