Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Political and Literary Writings

Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Political and Literary Writings

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This edition of Revolutionary History commemorates the ninetieth anniversary of the murder of Rosa Luxemburg by Freikorps assassins in Berlin in 1919.

Collected here is a selection of her writings, most of which has never previously appeared in an English-language translation, on a broad array of topics.

The volume includes her examination of the politics and writings of Adam Mickiewicz, Leo Tolstoy, Johann Schiller and Ferdinand Lassalle, her assessments of factionalism in the Russian and German Social Democratic Parties, and her writings on various political subjects, such as her defence of the use of the Polish language in East Prussia, the fight for women's rights, and the threat of imperialist war.

Also in this edition is an appreciation of Selina Perera, who was known as the 'Rosa Luxemburg of Sri Lanka', an extended obituary of the French Trotskyist leader Pierre Lambert, and a wide range of book reviews. 

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Author Luxemburg, Rosa
Editor Jones, Mike
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 290
Publisher Merlin
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9780850366938

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