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James Connolly's classic introduction to basic ideas of socialism, with an introduction by former TD Joe Higgins and also including Peter Hadden's 'The Real Ideas of James Connolly'

£1.50 *

A collection of articles from The Socialist and Socialism Today on the socialist case for voting exit in the EU referendum

£2.00 *

This book gives a glimpse of the confrontations that took place in massive well-organised unionised car plants and the wider struggles of industrial workers in the 1970s

£5.00 *

This book shows the miners were right to take the action they did. They could have won a victory which would have raised the sights and confidence of the whole working-class movement.

£7.00 *

Explosive and shocking, Globalization and Its Discontents is the bestselling exposé of the all-powerful organizations that control our lives - from the man who has seen them at work first hand

£7.99 *

A book for all you disillusioned, political abstainees who are working longer hours for less pay and have had enough.

£7.99 *

Manifesto from a prominent spokesperson of 'the global justice movement'

£16.99 *

Bushwacked is an anti-Bush, anti-corporate polemic. If you enjoy Michael Moore you'll like this book. Informative, angry and humourous.

£7.99 *

An analysis of peak oil and its role in the global economy

£8.99 *

Tony Benn is the longest serving MP in the history of the Labour Party. He left Parliament in 2001, after more than half a century in the House of Commons, to devote more time to politics.

£12.99 *

This shocking story by one of the leading thinkers in the field of public health policy shows how the NHS is now being destroyed by Labour

£15.99 *

Why has history unfolded so differently on different continents: an ambitious synthesis of history, biology, ecology and linguistics

£9.99 *

William Blum, once of the US State Department, gives a chilling reminder that while there may be no justification for 11 September, there may be reasons

£11.99 *

Artist, adventurer, soldier and politician, Philip Woods participated in many dramatic events of the early twentieth century. During 1918-1919 he accompanied the Allied expedition to revolutionary Russia.

£12.99 *
£14.95 *

This pioneering "Classic" is nicely presented here in the A4 format with illustrations on every page. Quite appart from its important contents it would make an excellent Present.

£12.00 *

A vibrant history of socialist and democratic thought in the English Revolution.

£15.00 *

Documents how the rift between Stalin and Trotsky resounded in Britain. Draws on interviews with many protagonists, published documents and private correspondence of the period.

£18.95 *

A critical history of the British Communist Party and the left. It focuses on the relations of the CP with the wider labour movement.

£12.95 *

At the crisis of the English Revolution it was from the Levellers and not from its commanders that the victorious New Model Army derived its political ideas and its democratic drive.

£18.00 *

Pierre Broue's magisterial account of the 1918-1923 German Revolution.

£38.99 *

Revolutionary History, Volume 9, No 4 Selections from writings by French Marxist historian Pierre Broue. Includes the Obituary of Ted Grant by long standing Socialist Party member Tony Aitman, covering aspects of the Socialist Party's history which will be of great interest.

£14.95 *

This book is about a subject I believe to be hugely important - ballot rigging in modern Britain. The practice is real and it is widespread.


£5.80 *

A graphical history of the Industrial Workers of the World on it's 100th anniversary.

£19.95 *

An extend popular guide to The Programme of the Russian Communist Party 1919

£15.95 *

Written for the 50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, James P Cannon writes about the relevance of the revolutionary party in the struggle for socialism.

£3.50 *

Official record of the testimony of James P Cannon, on trial in the US in 1941 accused of sedition. Cannon was National Secretary of the US section of Trotsky's Fourth International

£12.00 *

Record of the development of the US section of Trotsky's Fourth International, in particular the method of struggle against a 'petty-bourgois faction'

£16.00 *

In July 1888 1,400 mainly young women went on strike for a shorer working day. The Bryant and May Match Girls' strike in the East End of London was followed by the Great Dock Strike. Out of these strikes grew a mass movement - New Unionism was born

£6.99 *

A report from a visit to the Soviet Union in October/November 1989.

£4.95 *
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1 - 30 of 737 results