Towards a New Revolution - Workers of the Soviet Union Speak

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As Eastern European monoliths crumble, all pre-conceptions must be re-evaluated. Leon Trotsky, fighting the bureaucracy, predicted a new revolution to restore workers' democracy. Fifty years after his assassination, is this being borne out? What are the perspectives for genuine socialism in the USSR?

Elizabeth Clarke and Richard Peters visited the Soviet Union in October/November 1989. Their fascinating account tells of the feelings of the ordinary Russian worker, the independent trade unions, striking miners, daily life in the streets, shortages and queues. Their interviews and discussions provide a penetrating insight into the mood of the Russian people and an invaluable key to understanding the momentous events now unfolding.

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Author Clarke, Elizabeth & Peters, Richard
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 136
Publisher Fortress Books
Date of Publication 1990
ISBN 1870958098

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