It doesn't have to be like this

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This (E-Book)


It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This (E-Book)

It doesn't have to be like this

Whose Choice? Working-class Women and the Control of Fertility


Vivean Seal outlines a socialist policy around the question of abortion and fertility rights.

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Controversy over the government’s Human Fertilisation and Emryology Act has reopened the debate on the control of fertility.

Tory right-wingers and ‘pro-life’ groups intervened with traditional views on women’s role and the family. Whose Choice? answers the Right’s ideological crusade and defends women’s reproductive rights.

Cuts are undermining the NHS, while private health firms exploit the demand for fertility treatment. Whose Choice? outlines socialist policies for better NHS facilities.

Vivian Seal recounts the struggle of working-class women for health care, contraception, the right to abortion, and fertility treatment.

This book examines the likely effects of the Act, clearly explaining the new reproductive technologies. It shows that fertility control raises vital political issues which cannot be left to the Tories, the medical hierarchy, or big business.

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