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On The Track (E-Book)

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Join the Campaign for a New Workers’ Party


Fed up with cuts, closures, privatisation and war? Want a party that stands up for the millions not the millionaires?

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Millions of people’s hopes were raised when New Labour was elected in 1997. Since then, these hopes have been cruelly dashed. The New Labour government has shown since it came to power that it is firmly on the side of big business. Blair and his ministers have attacked working conditions, the welfare system, free education, public services and are now bringing private companies into the NHS and schools. Despite huge levels of protest, the war and occupation of Iraq continues and has so far cost £5 billion of public money in Britain alone.

As the harsh realities of the government’s policies are realised by more and more people, opposition to New Labour is growing. This pamphlet argues that an essential part of making that opposition effective is the building of a new mass workers party.

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