Chile - How and why the revolution was crushed

Chile – How and why the revolution was crushed


Out Of The Night

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Che Guevara: Symbol of Struggle


This book, first published in 1997, discusses the life and role of Che as a revolutionary, the ideas of guerrillaism, and the attitude of Marxists to this form of struggle

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This book was first published as a pamphlet in October 1997 to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the execution of Che Guevara. He was executed in Bolivia by the Bolivian army working in conjunction with the United States Central Intelligence Agency. His crime was to fight against oppression and exploitation. As a self-sacrificing revolutionary and internationalist he remains a powerful symbol of struggle and inspiration to those who are fighting against exploitation and capitalism. There are many lessons which need to be learned from Che’s struggle and the Cuban revolution in which he was a central figure.

This book discusses the life and role of Che as a revolutionary. It also addresses his ideas on guerrilaism and the attitude of Marxism towards this method of struggle which was supported by Guevara.

The republication of this book against the background of a new phase of struggle by the working people of Latin America, a continent in open revolt against neo-liberalism and the effects of capitalism is extremely timely. It can assist a new generation of readers to draw the lessons of the Cuban revolution and apply them to the struggle to defeat capitalism and imperialism today and build international socialism – the goal which Che Guevara supported.

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