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Chile - How and why the revolution was crushed
Chile – How and why the revolution was crushed

Chile – How and why the revolution was crushed


New book from the Committee for a Workers International on Chile

The lessons of the Chilean revolution of 1970-73, and its crushing – a book for the new generation of working class and young activists. Written by Tony Saunois, CWI secretary, who, from 1984, spent a number of years working in the underground opposition to the Pinochet dictatorship within Chile.

Fifty years since it was crushed, the Chilean revolution of 1970-73 remains a reference point, not only in Chile, but internationally, for both the working class and its organisations and the capitalist classes. In Chile, in the wake of the 2019 mass movement, the legacy of the coup is again hotly contested. The defenders of capitalism feel compelled to go further than ever before in justifying the bloody repression of the workers’ movement, insisting that, brutal as it was, it was necessary to “save” Chile from a “Marxist dictatorship”. In the English-speaking world too, many capitalist newspapers and magazines have devoted coverage to the anniversary, also repeating this line.

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