Labour History

Labour History

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Bryan Palmer tells the story of how Trotskyists, working in the largely nonunion trucking sector, led the drive to organize the unorganized and built an industrial union.

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The National Union of Railwaymen - 100 Years of Industrial Unionism

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The foundation of the Independent Labour Party in Bradford was a major turning point in the struggle for independent workers political representation.

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This book explores some of the main channels and by-ways in the history of Chartism - both in the UK and the wider world

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Notoriously Militant, which takes as its title a tabloid journalist's verdict on the branch, covers the history of Ford's Dagenham plant

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Hull: A Different Sort of Culture aims to draw out some of rich the history and culture of working people in the city as the city marks being awarded the 'City of Culture' for 2017

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Sarah Boston recounts the story of women workers from the early nineteenth century to the present day

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The stormy period after the first world war saw the police take strike action twice in 1918 and 1919. Iain Dalton's book discuss these events, their contexts and what we can learn from them for today's struggles.

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Striking Back tells the story of how a group of Dunnes Stores strikers in Ireland fought the establishment in solidarity with black workers under Apartheid.

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In the early nineteenth century, a mass movement developed among working-class and middle-class people, for universal manhood suffrage, annual parliaments and ‘the ballot’ i.e. a secret vote. The huge demonstration on St Peter’s Fields on the 16 August 1819 was the high point of the working-class part of this movement.

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31 - 40 of 40 results