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In the Middle of the Road: The ILP and the Fourth International

£1.00 *

Analysis of the Spanish Revolution and Civil War, including the role of the POUM, Stalinists and Anarchists.

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Trotsky points to the necessity for art to exist free from political and social agendas, as well as from the shackles, the stereotypes, the dark ignorance of reactionary class rule.

£14.00 *

Karl Kautsky is probably the first Marxist to interest himself both in the movement and the enigmatic personality of the crucified prophet.

£12.00 *

Criticism of an early Social-Democratic program, with the famous definition of communist society.

£4.95 *

The Report of the Dewey Commission into the charges against Trotsky levelled at the Moscow show trials.

£21.00 *

When Jason Webster heads off for Spain in search of Duende, the intense emotional state - part ecstasy, part desperation - so intrinsic to flamenco, he has no idea what to expect.

£7.99 *

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Anyone alive in the 18th century would have known that ‘the longitude problem’ was the thorniest scientific dilemma of the day

£6.99 *

Christopher Hill studies the belies of such radical groups as the Diggers, the Ranters, the Levellers and others, and the social impulses that gave rise to them

£12.99 *

The classic account of how the greatest mind of recent times altered the way we see the world, now updated

£8.99 *

This classic account of working class society in its formative years, 1780 - 1832 revolutionised our understanding of English social history.

£25.00 *

An introduction to the works of Raymond Williams. Fourteen texts, covering a range of subjects, in one book.


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£9.99 *

In these essays Serge paints a stark picture of the desperate conditions faced by Petrograd's working class during the civil war

£5.99 *

George Orwell vividly chronicals his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, from the revolutionary euphoria of Barcelona to the cynical betrayal of Stalinism

£9.99 *

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Orwell's chilling 'Fairy story' is a timeless and devastating satire of the rise of Stalinism in the Soviet Union

£8.99 *

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A 'white-hot reaction of a sensitive, observant, compassionate young man to poverty, injustice and the callousness of the rich'

£8.99 *

Revolutionary novelist and historian, erstwhile anarchist, Bolshevik, dissident, Left Oppositionist ...Victor Serge is one of the most compelling figures to have emerged from the history of the Soviet Union.

£20.00 *

CWI Conference Document 2002

£2.00 *

Fed up with cuts, closures, privatisation and war? Want a party that stands up for the millions not the millionaires?

£1.00 *

Italian edition of "Marxism in today’s world" is published by the Italian publishing collective ‘Giovane Talpa’. The CWI's idea ands policies.

£6.50 *

Lenin studies the State and its 'withering away' in a genuine socialist society which eliminates poverty and oppression.

£11.99 *

George Novack's classic introduction to dialectical materialism, the philosophy of marxism.

£12.00 *

… - Author: George Novack - Published 1978 by Pathfinder. 400 pages paperback - ISBN: 0873488202

£18.00 *

George Novack outlines the key ideas of the Marxist view of history, historical materialism.

£15.00 *

George Novack explains why revolutionary change is fundamental to social and cultural progress.

£4.50 *

George Novack writes about Marxisms relationship to humanism

£11.00 *

Novack traces the evolution of democracy from its roots in the mercantile city-states of ancient Greece through its rise and decline under modern capitalism.

£15.00 *

George Novack argues why only socialism can solve the problems faced by the Jews.

£3.50 *

A history of empiricist philosophy from Bacon to Locke, it is a valuable introduction to the Marxist method in treating the history of ideas.

£9.00 *

George Novack offers a Marxist critique of pragmatism as developed and popularise by Dewey.

£16.00 *
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121 - 150 of 655 results