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In 1925-27 a powerful revolutionary upsurge shook the cities and countryside of China. This book also includes Trotsky's writings up to 1940.

£26.00 *

These articles on revolution and counterrevolution were written while the events were still in progress.

£5.95 *

The coup d'etat of 1851, analysed by Marx using the method of historical materialism.

£5.95 *

Lenin's famous treatise on imperialism as an outgrowth of monopoly and finance capital.

£7.95 *

Selection of wide variety of topics related to the problems women face, origins of discrimination and the need to combat prejudice.

£7.95 *

A selection of Leon Trotsky's writings on the trade unions spanning from 1923 to 1940.

£12.00 *

Trotsky's testimony before the 1937 Dewey Commission investigating charges made against him in the Moscow Trials.

£22.00 *

Written in reply to Proudhon's Philosophy of Poverty, this is among the earliest works in which Marx expounds the premises of his revolutionary critique of capitalism.

£8.95 *

From early philosphical writings, writings on historical materialism, selections from Capital and late political writings

£9.95 *

From 1835-1847. Includes Critique of Hegel's philosophy of the state, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, The Holy Family, The German Idealogy, The Poverty of Philosophy.

£10.95 *

Marx's Early Writings reveal a mind on the brink of one of the most revolutionary ideas in human history - the theory of Communism.

£14.99 *

Rosa Luxemburg's reply to the right-wing of the socialist movement who had wished to revise Marx's ideas

£1.50 *

A classic work, presenting a sweeping panorama of the social, economic and political dynamics of an event that, more than any other, transformed the history of the twentieth century.

£22.99 *

The Transitional Programme is more than just a political programme. It is in essence a whole method for socialists to use in the struggle to abolish capitalism and replace it with socialism.

£15.00 *

The revolutionary questions of the 20th Century examined by a leader of the Russian Revolution

£21.00 *

Trotsky's writings on Britain during the 1920s, when labour militancy reached a peak with the general strike of 1926.

£20.00 *

Trotsky's pen-portraits of Plekhanov, Kautsky, Liebknecht, Luxemburg and others.

£4.95 *

Speech delivered by Trotsky on March 1, 1926 to the First All-Union Congress of the Society of Friends of Radio.

£0.50 *

The 1927 program of the United Opposition which drew together the supporters of Trotsky and Zinoviev against Stalin and Bukharin.

£3.95 *

Literary and biographical sketches of Rosa Luxemburg, H.G. Wells, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and others.

£19.00 *

Selected writings of Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, from 1916 - 1935

£16.99 *

A speech by Leon Trotsky on the Third Anniversary of the Communist University for Toilers of the East


£0.50 *

In the Middle of the Road: The ILP and the Fourth International

£1.00 *

Analysis of the Spanish Revolution and Civil War, including the role of the POUM, Stalinists and Anarchists.

£0.50 *

Trotsky points to the necessity for art to exist free from political and social agendas, as well as from the shackles, the stereotypes, the dark ignorance of reactionary class rule.

£14.00 *

Karl Kautsky is probably the first Marxist to interest himself both in the movement and the enigmatic personality of the crucified prophet.

£12.00 *

Criticism of an early Social-Democratic program, with the famous definition of communist society.

£4.95 *

The Report of the Dewey Commission into the charges against Trotsky levelled at the Moscow show trials.

£21.00 *

Through the young eyes of Scout and Jem Finch, Harper Lee explores the irrationality of adult attitudes to race and class in the Deep South of the 1930s

£7.99 *

Hilarious and tragic, at the heart of Catch-22 is a savage indictment of twentieth-century madness, and a desire of an ordinary man to survive it.

£7.99 *
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121 - 150 of 737 results