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This collection gathers Victor Serge's literary criticism from the 1920s to the 1940s, with his assessments of soviet writers and their massacre by Stalin.

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An account written in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

£8.99 *

Robert Fisk's passionate eyewitness account of the events that have shaped the Middle East.

£12.99 *

A popular history of high quality, this book by CLR James was first published in 1937

£27.50 *

Essays on the transition from capitalism to socialism in the economically advanced countries.

£15.00 *

Through an amazing array of posters, photographs, paintings, magazines, book jackets, advertisements, pamphlets and other rare ephemera, "Red Star Over Russia" tells the story of the Soviet Union, from the Russian Revolution to the death of Stalin.

£24.99 *

Klare exposes the truth about American foreign policy and the US dependence on oil from abroad, and how, if a change im energy policy is not made soon, the whole world will be paying for America's oil in blood.

£9.99 *

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Four of Lenin's most significant works, including Imperialism, the Highest State of Capitalism, The State and Revolution and extracts from What is to be Done? and The Development of Capitalism in Russia

£14.50 *

Lenin's April Theses was written when he arrived back in Russia in April 1917. The main ideas outlined by Lenin apply just as much to Tunisia and Egypt today as they did to Russia.

£2.00 *

This collection includes in full: The Right of nations to self-determination (1913) and The socialist revolution and the right of nations to self-determination (1916)

£6.95 *

Twenty-two articles by the leaders of the Russian Revolution demolish the arguments of this 'cause celebre' of anarchists and anti-Bolshevics

£14.00 *

- Author: V I Lenin - Published 1981 by Progress Publishers. 124 pages paperback - ISBN:

£5.00 *

Liebmann highlights democratic dimensions in Lenin's thinking as it developed over 25 years.

£16.95 *

Revolutionary leader Rosa Luxemburg (1871 - 1919) was at the centre of the sweeping events and mass struggles in Germany until her assassination in Berlin in 1919. This collection brings together some of her key writings including Reform or Revolution, The Mass Strike & The Russian Revolution.

£22.00 *

Revolutionary History Volume 10, Issue 1. Contains newly translated writings by Rosa Luxemburg

£14.95 *

The magazine of Socialist Students 2012/13

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One of the key landmarks in the scientific understanding of capitalist development, bourgois society and modern class conflict.

£18.99 *

The "forgotten" second volume of Capital, Marx's world-shaking analysis of economics, politics, and history, contains the vital discussion of commodity and the marketplace, cornerstones of Marx's theories.

£16.99 *

In this third volume Marx shows that the 'basic laws of motion of the capitalist mode of production lead to explosive crises and its ultimate collapse'.

£18.99 *

A speech by Marx to the First International Working Men's Association, June 1865.

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Virtually everything Marx and Engels ever wrote on strikes and trade unions. It includes vivid, often eyewitness accounts of many of the greatest strikes and labour struggles of the 19th century.

£8.95 *

A collection of Karl Marx's articles written for the New York Tribune

£12.99 *

The Communist Manifesto is one of the most influential pieces of political propaganda ever written.

£3.99 *

A selection of Karl Marx's writing for the New York Tribune

£4.99 *

Proclaimed the fundamental ideas of Marx and Engels to the world working class. One of the most important and influential political books ever written.

£4.99 *

Two introductory explanations by Marx of key aspects of his political economy

£7.95 *

Marx's classic analysis of the Paris Commune of 1871

£8.95 *

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Karl Marx & Fredrick Engels classic text with an introduction by Leon Trotsky

£3.50 *
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61 - 90 of 655 results