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In Lessons of October, Leon Trotsky sought to draw out why the Russian revolution had succeeded, while other revolutionary moments had been missed.

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Republication Clara Zetkin's speech and resolution to the Communist International which was the first produced capturing the Marxist analysis of fascism

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Trotsky in 1917 is a collection of new translations, many translated for the first time, of Leon Trotsky’s writings from 1917, the year of the Russian revolution.

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Workers' control and workers' management is a new book by Ted Mooney, leader of the 1960 apprentices' strike - in which 100,000 young workers took part - and member of Merseyside Socialist Party.

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The stormy period after the first world war saw the police take strike action twice in 1918 and 1919. Iain Dalton's book discuss these events, their contexts and what we can learn from them for today's struggles.

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Heroic health workers and valiant community campaigns have already proven that when we fight, we can win. The ideas and work of the Socialist Party have been a key component in this struggle.

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The Secret World of Oil tells the story of the to little-known characters vital to the oil industry—secretive fixers and oil traders, lobbyists and PR agents, gangsters and dictators—allied with competing governments and multinational corporations.

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In War and Revolution in Catalonia, 1936-1939, Pelai Pagès i Blanch analyses the political and military evolution of the events in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War

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Biography of one of the main leaders of the Austrian Social Democratic Workers Party.

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The Struggle for Catalonia looks at how and why Catalan separatism reached the top of Spain’s political agenda, as well as its connection to the broader European malaise generated by flawed political responses to financial and other crises.

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The Age of Jihad charts the turmoil of today’s Middle East and the devastating role the West has played in the region from 2001 to the present.

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An inside look at the White House under Donald Trump

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Gripping spy thrill which is set against and exposes the horror of the Falklands/Malvinas war.

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Ahed Tamimi received prominent media coverage internationally when she was arrested by the Israeli Occupation authorities shortly before Christmas 2017. This book tells her story.

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Striking Back tells the story of how a group of Dunnes Stores strikers in Ireland fought the establishment in solidarity with black workers under Apartheid.

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In the early nineteenth century, a mass movement developed among working-class and middle-class people, for universal manhood suffrage, annual parliaments and ‘the ballot’ i.e. a secret vote. The huge demonstration on St Peter’s Fields on the 16 August 1819 was the high point of the working-class part of this movement.

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721 - 737 of 737 results