YRE Anti-Racist Education Pack

YRE Anti-Racist Education Pack

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Many young people today are disenchanted with their future. Mass youth unemployment, poverty wages and education cuts are forcing them to the edges of society. The failure of mainstream political organisations to represent them or voice their frustrations has led to enormous alienation. No wonder some young people have been drawn to neo-nazi ideas because of the lack of a political alternative to the attacks they are facing.

However all our campaigns over the last three and a half years have confirmed the opinion of the founding members of YRE: that most young people are searching for unity and a way to make those in power listen to them.

We hope that this anti-racist pack will help young people all over Britain to direct the anger they feel at the oppression they suffer in a positive direction, not take it out on each other.

The pack provides a basic introduction to racism and many related issues. In particular we have tried to demonstrate that Blacks and Asians, along with other targets of oppression, are not passive victims. The history of racism is a history of how Black and Asian people have fought back against racism and exploitation.

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Editor YRE
Binding A4 Pamphlet
No. of Pages 64
Publisher Youth Against Racism in Europe

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