Introducing Marxism Pack

Introducing Marxism Pack

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Many times since his death in 1883, Karl Marx’s ideas have been dismissed as irrelevant. But, many times since, interest in his ideas has resurfaced as each new generation which challenges the unequal, unjust and exploitative nature of the capitalist system looks for ideas and a method to change the world we live in.

Marx’s ideas – a body of work collectively described as Marxism – was added to by his closest collaborator Fredrick Engels after Marx’s death and subsequently added to and enriched by the writings and living experience of Lenin and Trotsky who led the 1917 October Russian Revolution.

For any person looking to change the world in a socialist direction the ideas of Marxism are a vital, even indispensable, tool and weapon to assist the working class in its struggle to change society.

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Binding A4 Pack of Pamphlets
Publisher Socialist Party
Date of Publication 2003

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