Their Morals and Ours

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  • Do the crimes of Stalinism flow from inherent flaws in the practice and standards of the Bolshevik leadership of the Russian Revolution?
  • Is there a universal morality unrelated to social classes, their economic underpinnings and abrupt historical change?
  • Do different social classes under capitalism have different moral characteristics?

Directed against Marxism's liberal critics, Stalinist falsifiers and shaken defectors on the eve of World War II, Their Morals and Ours by Leon Trotsky remains the classic modern statement of the class foundations of moral practice.

This collection includes a response to Trotsky by John Dewey, an exponent of pragmatist philosophy and standard-bearer of American liberalism. Also included is an essay written in 1965 by noted Marxist George Novack answering Dewy's criticisms and continuing a debate that rages to this day.


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Author Trotsky, Leon
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 126
Publisher Pathfinder
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9780873483193

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