The First Five Years of the Communist International, Volume Two

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Drawing on the experiences of the October 1917 revolution in Russia and the consolidation of the world's first workers state, the Communist International was founded in 1919. During its first five years, the new International, guided by V.I. Lenin and other central leaders of the Bolshevik party, sought to build a world movement of communist parties capable of leading the toilers to overthrown capitalist exploitation and colonial oppression.

These two volumes of writings and speeches by Leon Trotsky document many of discussions and debates among communist fighters around the world as they grappled with concrete questions of the fight for working-class power in the epoch of imperialist decline - class collaborationism versus revolutionary policy; the role of the trade unions; defense of the young Societ republics; building an alliance of workers and farmers; the rising struggles for national liberation in the colonial world; and much more.


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Author Trotsky, Leon
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 454
Publisher Pathfinder
Date of Publication 2007
ISBN 9780873488310

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