Marx's Capital: Illustrated

Marx's Capital: Illustrated

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Imagine Karl Marx as a cartoonist, ready to set the record straight about his much maligned classic, Das Kapital. Impossibly difficult? Not in the least. Hopelessly outdated? Far from it. Though first published in 1867, Capital remains keenly relevant. Society continues to run on investment and profit, labor and technology. And predictions that once might have seemed rash—global economic crisis, societies nearing bankruptcy—are now simply facts. Capital remains the fullest attempt to explain these facts, and Marx's Capital Illustrated brings this attempt to vibrant life, proceeding all the way from the ABCs to the pertinence of Marx's theory of crisis for today's global woes.

Fresh, funny, and copiously illustrated, this book is for everyone who wants better insight into Capital and capitalism. Readers of Marx, unite! You have found your starting point.

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Author Smith, David
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 211
Publisher Haymarket Books
Date of Publication 2014
ISBN 9781608462667

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