Trotsky & His Critics

Trotsky & His Critics

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Throughout his revolutionary career Trotsky was a robust polemicist. From his earliest writings to his final intervention in the US Socialist Workers Party in 1940 he never hesitated to present sharp criticisms of his political rivals. However, whilst many of Trotsky's polemics have long been available, much of the material to which he was replying or which presented a critique of his views remains obscure.

This edition of Revolutionary History presents a selection of articles that either have never previously been published in an English-language translation or have not reappeared since their original publication. It includes:

  • Boris Souvarine's lengthy letter to Trotsky
  • Articles on Trotsky from the German Communist Party (Opposition)
  • Jay Lovestone on Trotsky and Soviet foreign policy
  • A Christian socialist critique of The Revolution Betrayed and defence of the Moscow Trials
  • An anarchist critique of Trotskyism and the Spanish Civil War

We also present assessments of Trotsky and the Spanish Civil War by two former POUM militants.

In publishing the 'other side' of the arguments, this issue of Revolutionary History is continuing in its role of developing an understanding of key historical events and encouraging discussion of the past within today's socialist movement.

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Date of Publication 2013
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