Empiricism and Its Evolution: A Marxist View

Empiricism and Its Evolution: A Marxist View

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A history of empiricist philosophy from Bacon to Locke to its most recent manifestations in the work of Karl Popper. This is a valuable introduction to the Marxist method in treating the history of ideas. It contains an outstanding critique of pragmatism and especially of the philosophy of John Dewey.

George Novack is one of the outstounding socialist scholars in the United States. He is the editor of Existentialism versus Marxism, and author numerous books, including An Introduction to the Logic of Marxism, Democracy and Revolution and most recently Humanism and Socialism. He has lectured at universities throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on Marxist theory, philosophy and politics.


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Author Novack, George
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 183
Publisher Pathfinder
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9780873480208

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