The Long View of History

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Our animal ancestors progressed from fish to ape; our human ancestors stood on two legs and mastered the use of their hands for hunting and toolmaking. Along the way, we have disposed of outmoded social systems and recalcitrant ruling classes that stood in the way of human progress.

Have we reached the end of the line in human development? Is the capitalism of the twenty-first century an unsurpassable social system - the highest attainable mode of life for the world's population today and for future generations? Or will the toiling millions continue to moved forward and transform economic and social relations between the wealthy few and the producing majority?

George Novack explains why the struggle or working people for an end to oppression and exploitation is a realistic perspective built on sound scientific foundations, and why revolutionary change is fundamental to social and cultural progress.

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Author Novack, George
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 63
Publisher Pathfinder
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9780873484282

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