Dispatches for the New York Tribune

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Karl Marx (1818-1883) is arguably the most famous political philosopher of all time, but he was also one of the great foreign correspondents of the nineteenth century. During his eleven years writing for the New York Tribune (their collaboration began in 1852), Marx tackled an abundance of topics, from issues of class and the state to world affairs. Particularly moving pieces highlight social inequality and starvation in Britain, while others explore his groundbreaking views on the slave and opium trades - Marx believed Western powers relied on these and would stop at nothing to protect their interests. Above all, Marx’s fresh perspective on nineteenth-century events encouraged his readers to think, and his writing is surprisingly relevant today.

In his introduction James Ledbetter discusses the development of Marx's political thought. Each section in this anthology has a seperate introduction by Ledbetter, to set the selection of articles into the context of Marx's work. This volume also includes a foreword by Marx biographer and journalist Francis Wheen.

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Author Marx, Karl
Editor Ledbetter, James
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 322
Publisher Penguin Classics
Date of Publication 2007
ISBN 9780141441924

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