Blood and Oil: How America's Thirst for Petrol is Killing us

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Since September 11th 2001 and the commencement of the 'war on terror', the world's attention has been focused on the relationship between US foreign policy in the Middle East and the oceans of crude oil that lie beneath the region's soil.

At the same time, the US's domestic oil reserves are running dry, leaving it dependent on foreign supplies. Those supplies lie in chronically unstable, often violently anti-American zones - the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, Latin America and Africa where military involvement will be required to ensure the flow of oil.

In Blood and Oil, Michael Klare exposes the truth about American foreign policy and the US dependence on oil from abroad, and how, if a change in energy policy is not made soon, the whole world will be paying for America's oil in blood.


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Author Klare, Michael
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 265
Publisher Penguin
Date of Publication 2005
ISBN 9780141020037

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