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If there was ever a book to make you glad that you don't live in the US, this is it! Bushwacked is the story of George W. Bush's America - and it's a powerful, furious indictment of his right-wing 'Christian' values and the damage they are doing to an entire nation.

Ivins and Dubose write entertainingly and with great wit, but Bushwacked is very much a desperate and despairing piece of political writing, which strikingly gives the lie to the idea that anyone who opposes George Bush is unpatriotic. There is a fierce compassion here for the 'little people' of America - those who have lost their pensions because of the collapse of Enron, those whose lives are ruined by the unregulated dumping of chemicals and the frantic rush to drill for Methane in Minnesota, the underage girls who go through unwanted pregnancies because of the pro-life bias of Bush's favourite judges. The list is depressingly long. George W. Bush is very much a figure of fun in the UK, but Ivins and Dubose skilfully expose the very real threat that Bush poses not only to the infrastructure of the US, but to the safety of the world.

Unusually for a book of this kind, the authors also suggest remedies that could stop the same thing happening again, chief amongst them being the public funding of election campaigns. This is essential reading for anyone interested in US politics, and indeed for anyone interested in the effect politics can have on the lives of real people.

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Author Ivins, Molly & Dubose, Lou
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 350
Publisher Allison & Busby
Date of Publication 2004
ISBN 9780749006181

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