Keir Hardie: Labour's Greatest Hero?

Keir Hardie: Labour's Greatest Hero?

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Keir Hardie was a founder and the first parliamentary leader of the Labour Party. At the turn of the 19th century he was Labour’s most famous face. But despite being voted Labour’s ‘Greatest Hero’ at the 2008 Party Conference, in recent years his extraordinary story seems all but forgotten.

Born illegitimate just outside Glasgow in 1856, his life didn’t start gently. Before the age of 10, he was the sole wage earner in his working class, atheist family. He never went to school but was self-taught, avidly reading books lent him by a kind young clergyman. This led to two major conversions in his life: first to Christianity, and then to socialism. While earlier biographies have neglected the former, pointing out his experience of hardship as the source of his passion for social justice, the role of Christianity in Hardie’s life was profound. It shaped his involvement in many of the greatest social changes of the time, and the world as we know it today

In this new work, celebrated author and activist Bob Holman brings Hardie's story to life. Hardie was no plaster saint. But his message - about rising above hardship to forge a better world - is a timeless inspiration.

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Author Holman, Bob
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 224
Publisher Lion Hudson
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9780745953540

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