Einstein's Universe: The Layperson's Guide

Einstein's Universe: The Layperson's Guide

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The classic account of how the greatest mind of recent times altered the way we see the world, now updated with a new afterword for Einstein Year, which celebrates the centenary of his first groundbreaking ideas.

The universe that Albert Einstein built is an astonishing skyscape of bent starlight, high-speed astronauts, black holes, stromy galaxies and exploding spacetime. Today it seems more certain than ever that we live in the cosmos he described - yet often we still fail to understand it. Nigel Calder's landmark book has been acclaimed for making Einstein's theories of relativity accesible to the public for the first time. It unlocks the secrets of an astounding vision of the world. How can a black hole keep you young? Why does a falling person feel no force of gravity? Answering these and many other questions, Einstein's Universe makes plain the debt that humanity owes to the man who completely reshaped our ideas of energy, time and motion.

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Author Calder, Nigel
Binding Paperback
No. of Pages 208
Publisher Penguin
Date of Publication 2005
ISBN 9780141020563

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