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Militant & the Labour Party

Militant and the Labour Party reading list

The Militant Tendency (now the Socialist Party) has been in the news once again - these books & pamphlets discuss Militant's role within the Labour Party and the Socialist party now argues for independent working class political representation

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This is the first real account of Militant, its ideas, organisation and the role of figures associated with it. Five previous books have been written about Militant. But this is the only one which gives an authentic account of how Militant played such a prominent role in Liverpool in the 1980's and the successful battle to defeat the Poll Tax.

£11.99 *

From Militant to the Socialist Party covers developments from the New Labour takeover to the first rumblings of the world economic crisis of 2007-08, and is the sequel to The Rise of Militant.

£15.00 *

Peter Taaffe and Tony Mulhearn's book depicting the struggle of the Militant-led Liverpool City Council 1983-7 against the Thatcher governments cuts, which draws out numeorus lessons for future struggles.

£11.99 *

This book shows the miners were right to take the action they did. They could have won a victory which would have raised the sights and confidence of the whole working-class movement.

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This pamphlet argues the case for a new mass workers' party. It outlines how such a party could come about and what part socialists can play in that process


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The debate opening up about Clause 4 is a vital one for working-class people, and young people especially, to be involved in. It's about our future and about what sort of society we want to live in.

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A reprint of 1979 pamphlet originally published as a Militant pamphlet, 1979 as a contribution towards the question: Can Corbynomics lead to socialism?

£5.00 *

This book gives a glimpse of the confrontations that took place in massive well-organised unionised car plants and the wider struggles of industrial workers in the 1970s

£5.00 *

An interview with Peter Taaffe on questions of war, world capitalism and other issues. 2nd edition.

£8.00 *

A Movement of Our Own gives a summary of some of the key developments and difficulties in the building of the early Labour Party

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