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Karl Kautsky is probably the first Marxist to interest himself both in the movement and the enigmatic personality of the crucified prophet.

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George Novack argues why only socialism can solve the problems faced by the Jews.

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A selection of Leon Trotsky's articles dealing with anti-semitism and other issues

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The dramatic story of the earliest encounters between Christians and Muslims

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The solution to the problems facing Muslims is in the hands of the working class and oppressed masses internationally. This pamphlet should be used to discuss the problems we are facing, to plan ahead and prepare ourselves to defeat imperialism.

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Fair-minded and often revelatory, Nine Parts of Desire is an extraordinarily rich tapestry of the different lives women lead under Islam, and a captivating and diverse portrait of a little known world.

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Leon explains why the propertied rulers incite renewed Jew-hatred in the epoch of capitalism’s decline.

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Jewish radicals manned the barricades on the avenues of Petrograd and the alleys of the Warsaw ghetto; they were in the vanguard of those resisting Franco and the Nazis. 

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R. H. Tawney investigates the way religion has moulded social and economic practice

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When Karl Marx declared religion the opium of the people. he voiced a central tenet of the philosophy that bears his name. In this collection of essays and letters by Marx and Engels, the founders of Marxism discuss their perspectives on the origins and essence of religion.

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