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With scholarship and passion, Du Bois understands and explains John Brown.

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Black Music, White Business probes the principal contradiction in the jazz world: that between black artistry on the one hand and white ownership of the means of jazz distribution





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In a series of revealing interviews Jacklyn Cock exposes the truth about the triple oppression of South African domestic workers: of colour, class and sex.
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Peter Fryer discusses the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948, and its 492 passengers from the West Indies, in the face of racism, loneliness and adversity.

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Story of the 1791 Slave revolt in Haiti, which defeated British, Spanish and French armies over twelve years, creating the first independent Black republic outside Africa.

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The extraordinary history of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln exchanged letters at the end of the Civil War. Although they had differences, they agreed on the cause of “free labor” and the urgent need to end slavery.


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Malcolm X's blazing, legendary autobiography, completed shortly before his assassination in 1965, depicts a remarkable life

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Originally published in England in 1938 (the same year as his magnum opus The Black Jacobins), and expanded in 1969, this work remains the classic account of global Black Resistance.

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The story of three black footballers during the late 1970s in a climate of racial tension spurred on by the National Front.

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Fryer shows how long there has been a significant black presence in Britain and includes an account of the black Chartists.

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Classical civilisation, Martin Bernal argues, has deep roots in Afro-Asiatic cultures.

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A sweeping collection of the most vital and representative writings of the Black Panther party. 

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Speeches from the last three weeks of Malcolm X's life 

£14.00 *

Speeches and interviews from the last two years of Malcolm X's life. 

£13.00 *

At around midnight on May 17 1959, a white gang ambushed Antiguan carpenter Kelso Cochrane on a Notting Hill slum street. 

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Striking Back tells the story of how a group of Dunnes Stores strikers in Ireland fought the establishment in solidarity with black workers under Apartheid.

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