Don't Vote for Cuts - Councillors Have a Choice

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We are told that there is no money for public services but this is not true. The Sunday Times Rich List shows that the combined wealth of the 1000 Fat Cats bulges at £450 billion, an increase of over £35 billion from last year. In addition the bank vaults of big business hold £750 billion of cash lying idle un-invested. Wealth doesn't trickle down as promised, unemployment has increased by 70,000 up to Februrary, with 1 million young people on the scrap heap.

These resources could be used to transform society. Through a programme of publi works, affordable housing could be provided for all, creating thousands of jobs. Investment in health, education, social care and leisure could eradicate the poverty that plagues our communities and the problems that come with it.

Events of the last three years have shown what is possible. Workers, the trade unions, councillors have fought back and provided an alternative to the ConDem cuts. Socialist councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas have put forward a clear no cuts budget in defence of jobs and services. In the coming months the task is clear to build mass support for such a stand and defeat the austerity agenda.

  • No to all cuts
  • Councillors' must refuse to implement ConDem cuts
  • Build a mass campaign of council workers, trade unions, youth and the community to force the government to restore funding to provide jobs, housing and local services to meet the needs of our communities.

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Binding Pamphlet
No. of Pages 32
Publisher Southampton Socialist Party
Date of Publication 2013

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