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George Novack's classic introduction to dialectical materialism, the philosophy of marxism.

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Engels explains in clear terms the historical and philosophical roots of what is called dialectical materialism, the philosophy of Marxism

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Selections from the Italian philosopher and revolutionary.


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A pack containing introductions to key ideas of Marxism on the state, history, philosophy, economics, and the role of a revolutionary party.


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This edition makes easily accessible the most important parts of Marx's and Engels' major early philosophical work, The German Ideology, a text of key importance for students.


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… - Author: George Novack - Published 1978 by Pathfinder. 400 pages paperback - ISBN: 0873488202

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Expounding a new worldview, including positions on materialism, labour, production, alienation, the expansion of capitalism, class conflict, revolution and eventually communism.

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Written in reply to Proudhon's Philosophy of Poverty, this is among the earliest works in which Marx expounds the premises of his revolutionary critique of capitalism.

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From 1835-1847. Includes Critique of Hegel's philosophy of the state, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, The Holy Family, The German Idealogy, The Poverty of Philosophy.

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Selected writings of Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, from 1916 - 1935

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First complete single volume of Marx's doctoral dissertation to appear in English.

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George Novack writes about Marxisms relationship to humanism

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A history of empiricist philosophy from Bacon to Locke, it is a valuable introduction to the Marxist method in treating the history of ideas.

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George Novack offers a Marxist critique of pragmatism as developed and popularise by Dewey.

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George Novack explains how materialist philosophy arose in opposition to idealism.

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Their Morals and Ours by Leon Trotsky remains the classic modern statement of the class foundations of moral practice.


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Fundamental Problems of Marxism is the basic work in which Plekhanov establishes the philosophical sources of historical materialism.


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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' critique of the Young Hegelians originally published in February 1845

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